Quick-Step Impressive !! Impressive Quickstep !!


This year Quick-Step’s innovation is their brand new Impressive range. The joints on this range have been given a protective and water-repellent coating “Hydroseal”. During the first step in production process the joints area already pressed into the surface structure.

As such the planks not only become damp-resistant, but also very true to nature since design, colour and structure of the plank continue onto the joints. But to achieve the “waterproof” status in both domestic and commercial ranges the installation will require their “Quickstep Sealant” to seal the perimeter of the room, in some commercial cases their “Seal & Click” to seal every individual board.

With this impressive range they offer you 16 new designs to suit any room style.



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Posted by Charlene on October 1, 2014 in Products (Appear In Newsletter)